Nature Notes: The Butterflies of Three Hagges Wood

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The gardeners among us may despair at the recent hatching of flocks of Large White butterflies that can be found nectaring on garden flowers such as lavender. We also know it as Cabbage White – it’s the one that reduces garden cabbages and sprouts to lacework. In wilder places though, the sight of its strong soaring flight is welcome, and here its caterpillars may safely graze on other foodplants that are members of the cabbage plant family (the Cruciferae) such as Wild Mignonette, Reseda lutea. Three Hagges wood-meadow is dancing with them this week. That the wood-meadow has plentiful flowers…

How to create your dream wedding cake with Bettys


If your wedding is the best day of your life, then choosing the cake that will sit proudly at its centre is a daunting task, to say the least. So why not start the process with a sit down and a cup of tea? That’s the welcome you’ll receive when you book a wedding cake consultation with Bettys – not to mention the chance to admire the exquisite handiwork of our cake decorating team, and, naturally, to sample a slice or two. Visit the recently refitted cake consultation area at Bettys Ilkley and you’ll find yourself in the capable hands of…

Bettys Afternoon Tea wins Gold on C4’s Sunday Brunch


Well, that was a lovely surprise! We tuned in to Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch at the weekend to discover that we’d (sort of) joined the ranks of Britain’s Olympians by winning a gold medal for our Afternoon Tea! Our very own Victoria Turner left the safe and familiar confines of Yorkshire to hand deliver our afternoon tea to the show’s presenters Tim and Simon in London. Whilst there she took these behind-the-scenes photos whilst attempting to bribe them with Fat Rascals. In the end, no bribes were required! Find out more about our award-winning Afternoon Tea, including a chance to win…

Lady Betty Afternoon Tea with Gabriella and Anthea

Once a year, twin sisters Gabriella and Anthea come to Bettys to celebrate their birthday. To them, it’s not just a get-together – it’s a moment to put the real world on hold. We joined them on their 23rd birthday, taking Lady Betty Afternoon Tea, to find out why they love Bettys so much. Why not book our reserved Lady Betty Afternoon Tea for your next occasion. Be it an anniversary, birthday or simply a gathering of dear friends, it’s the perfect way to make a moment memorable.

How Yorkshire are you?


Do you celebrate 1st August, Yorkshire Day, with a Fat Rascal, a stroll across Ilkley Moor and a rousing brass band concert? If so, you might just be Yorkshire enough to win our competition! Share a photo of you being very ‘Yorkshire’ on our Facebook page or with us on Twitter and the funniest will win a Taste of Yorkshire Gift Box delivered from Bettys to your door. Feeling Yorkshire-y? Click here to see Bettys Cookery School share top tips and simple steps for the perfect Yorkshire Pudding. Terms & Conditions The prize is one Taste of Yorkshire Gift Box. All entrants must be 18 or over.…

How to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding

Psst: would you like to know how to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding? Come closer … closer still. *Whispers*: we have a special secret recipe, but you’re going to have to keep it to yourself, okay? Great – come this way… Step 1 Pre-heat your oven to 210°c. Use lard not oil – it gets hotter, which is what we need. Place a knob of lard into each well of the pudding tray. Step 2 Make your batter 60g plain flour A good pinch of salt and pepper A pinch of herbs and/or mustard powder to add flavour Two eggs 100ml…

Meet Captain Rummage and the Cone Exchange crew!

You might not know this but our family business has a community recycling project where we turn trash into treasure. It’s called the Cone Exchange and it sells all the things an enthusiastic crafter needs – from buttons to knitting patterns, hessian sacks to garden twine, and ribbons to cardboard boxes. It’s a not-for-profit project which supports 12 charities and social enterprises working in the local area. For the address and hours of opening, visit

Pack your hamper: how to plan the perfect picnic

A Bettys picnic

Whatever your personal picnic style, our tips will help you enjoy this most seasonal of delights to the fullest. Ground rules However picturesque the surrounding location, your actual picnic spot should be flat, dry and smooth enough for you to spread out your blanket and relax without worrying about teetering drinks or unexpected thistles. Smart serving Keep your food delicious until you’re ready to eat it with insulated flasks and cool bags and by ensuring strong flavours and oily dressings are safely contained. Mix it up Picnics aren’t quite like normal meals, so break the rules. Enjoy unusual combinations of…

Design for life: how Corin Mellor designed a new cafetiere for Bettys


Cafés don’t ordinarily contain fully functioning traffic lights flashing from green to amber to red. Ours certainly don’t. But this one does. I try not to look confused. There are lots of regulars here enjoying tea and homemade cake. I don’t want to look like a tourist – I act natural and scan for an explanation. I find it on a neat little board – the kind that museums have: “David Mellor’s redesign of the traffic lights remains his greatest contribution to Britain’s street scene. His traffic lights are still in use, basically unaltered since their introduction half a century…

How do you grow the perfect strawberry?


As Richard Morritt explains to us how he grows strawberries on his farm in Sand Hutton near York, the same word crops up several times: nurture. “Every day you’re looking at the plants and watching the weather, knowing whether to protect them if it’s going to be cold, trying to get the right level of water and wetness in the soil if it’s dry, or making sure you’ve got the right amount of food going into the plant. It’s a constant thing.” Regular Bettys customers might note that Richard supplies our asparagus too, and the sandy soil that crop thrives…